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"For close to one hundred years, there has been a place that has harbored the undead and jailed the damned - a place that was never intended on being unearthed by mortal men. Since 1914, The Catacombs, located underneath the historic St. Pascal Church on Chicago's northwest side, has long been a home to the ghouls and ghosts, monsters and madmen. The barrier that prevented these very creatures from entering our realm falls every October, allowing the undesireables to roam free.

You are free to enter if you wish...but exiting, we cannot guarantee."

Important Dates

Friday, October 11th - OPENING NIGHT & Special Event

Car Show & No Scare Family Fun Fest
October 12th!

Thursday, October 24th *$5.00 Admission Night*

Sunday, October 27th - FINAL NIGHT

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* $10 General Admission * $18 VIP *

* Contact us for Group Rates *

* Have a question? E-mail us!!! *

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