The Catacombs

Our History

Started in 1979 as Saint Pascal’s Haunted House, The Catacombs has continued it’s impressive legacy for over 40 years.  What was once just a building engineer and a small part of the school as evolved into a thriving haunted house that expands from the school to the depths of the church basement.  Through various name changes (Ghostly Manor, Halls of Horrors, and The Underworld) the haunt has show no signs of slowing down.  We are currently the oldest haunt in the Chicago area and THE ONLY haunt located in the city of Chicago.  Our volunteers come from a broad range of backgrounds that allow us to put our the best product we can every weekend.  Make no mistake, this is no run of the mill charity haunt.  The Catacombs will terrify, haunt, and frighten you to the core.  

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